Balloon Modelling

Balloon Modelling

From our experience, magic isn’t right for all children’s parties, so why not have some balloon modelling instead? For younger children who want a little present to remember the special day by. Or even better, why not combine the two?!?! A magic show followed by balloon models is the perfect way to give the children something to remember the party by. No matter the size of the party, we have an extensive balloon modelling repertoire that will suit you. Everything ranging from three balloon penguins  to one balloon dogs, we tailor everything to suit your needs. Have a look through our gallery at some of the balloon we make at various events.

Balloon models are suitable for birthday parties, weddings and many other events.

Have a look at the packages that we offer (you can get there quickly by clicking on the link on the right), but remember everything we do can be tailored to suit you! This means that if you can’t find what you are looking for, get in contact and let us help you find it.

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