Face Painting

Face painting is one of the most popular activities to have at any event and our Face Painters are amazing- they are sure to blow you away!  They will set up on a table and chairs and will come armed with glitter, colours, paints, tattoos, sparkles so as  to to make any design and detail become a reality. From full face paints to smaller designs our face painters have something for everyone- EVEN the grown-ups! Have a look below at some of the examples of the type of work our face painters do.

 Face painters are amazing for children’s parties, large scale parties such as festivals and corporate events.

 Normally face painters can do about 12-16 children’s faces in an hour ( or about 10 grown up faces!)

 All paints are hypo allergenic and the all painters are members of FACE to UK association. Face paints come off with a face wipe or some warm water and do not stain clothes ( phew- no worries!)

 Have a look at the packages that we offer (you can get there quickly by clicking on the link on the right), but remember everything we do can be tailored to suit you! This means that if you can’t find what you are looking for, get in contact and let us help you find it.

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