Childrens Party Packages – Weddings, Parties & All Events

Below you will find a brief description of the types of things that we can bring to your childrens party or event. Remember, each of these things can be tailored to suit you! (Below just gives you some ideas) If you have any questions or enquiries please feel free to get in contact with us at here or by any of the numbers at the top of the page.  So that we can help you quicker and faster please give us all the information you can when you get in touch. If  you know the following information, it really helps to know the date and time of the event and  the type of event or package you have been looking at. Also tell us if you know Where the event is taking place (including the venue) and the approximate number of people attending.



childrens party - magic shows with adam the childrens magicianThe one hour Magic and Balloon Show is ideal for most parties. Over the years we have learned that a childrens party is about 2 hours long, that means if you book the 1 hour show, by the time everyone has had cake, it’s time to go home! This show can be broken down to suit your needs as there are still plenty of options available within the hour. For example:

  • A 45 minute show with 15 minutes for balloon modelling for the children at the party*. But remember, if there is a lot of children, that will have to be taken into consideration. We don’t want to leave anyone unhappy
  • A 30 minute magic show with 30 minutes of big balloons. Theses balloons are much bigger and advanced so they take a little bit longer to do.
  • A 45 minute magic show and 15 minutes of fun party games
  •  30 minute magic show, 15 minutes of party games and dances followed by 15 minutes for balloons.
  • Any other combination that you want the childrens party to be!

The magic show has lots of fun and audience participation. It’s a great show for any special occasion and can be held ANYWHERE. From the biggest hall, stadium and theatre to the local club, restaurant or even your garden. We can perform the show anywhere. All you need to provide is……..THE STAR OF THE SHOW…………THE BIRTHDAY CHILD. We will need them to help make the magic happen and they’ll receive a present for helping out (while you get lots of picture opportunities). *NB. Balloons are deemed unsuitable for children under 36 months due to potential small parts which may pose a choking hazard.



childrens party package - balloon modelling fun

For a younger childrens party or an event with a wide range of ages, why not look at having a balloon modeller? This isn’t just any ordinary balloon modelling however, each balloon comes with fun, jokes and participation from the children. There are also lots of balloon games to be played with the added bonus that every child will get something to take away and remember the day by*. Stress free gift giving for you, lots of fun for the children! We can twist 15-20 balloons in an hour, so depending on how many people are at you event, we can work it out from there. Everything is self-contained and can be done in any size of venue. That makes it the perfect entertainment for:

  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Fun days and Fetes
  • Gala Days
  • And everything else you can think of

The balloons that we make come in a huge variety from one balloon dogs, two balloon flowers to several balloon characters who you will recognise from some popular films. We also enjoy a challenge, so don’t be afraid to tell us what you want and see if we can make it for you. Each balloon is hand made on the day and is best used when there are other activities going on (bouncy castle, face-painting, or magic show) *NB. Balloons are deemed unsuitable for children under 36 months due to potential small parts which may pose a choking hazard.


face painting - another element to our childrens party package Children love getting their faces painted. It is a fun way for them to live out their imagination. They can be anything from a princess to Spiderman, big scary tiger  to a beautiful butterfly. Facepainting is a firm favourite at a childrens party. It really helps take them away to a place of make believe which you can capture for years to come (as well as the occasional embarrassing photo when they reach 18)! Of course some children don’t want to have their full face painted that why we offer smaller intricate designs on the arms and hands instead. We really do have something for everyone to be able to take part (that goes for the mums and dads as well). We can cater the face painting to the theme of your childrens party. So if its a pirate or princess theme, let us know so we can help. We love a challenge, so if there is a design, character or just something that you simply must have, let us know! Everything we use is anti-bacterial/hypo allergenic. It also comes off with soap and water which means no mess and no scrubbing!  Face painters are best used when there are other activities going on (bouncy castle, magic show or disco)


advanced balloons - another part of out childrens party packageIdeal for smaller parties or bigger ones when there is lots of time. These balloon models are bigger and more complicated than the regular ones. They also come with lots of jokes, fun and games for the children who will each get a balloon when finished.*  As many of the balloons come in several parts, we need lots of participation from the children who will learn how to make parts of the model as we go. We can twist 7-10 advanced balloons in an hour, so depending on how many people are at your event, please take this into consideration. Everything is self-contained and can be done in any size of venue.  Or perhaps you just want to brighten up your event with some of our fantastic balloon centrepieces. We have a wide variety of sculptures for you to choose from that cover a number of events. However, we welcome special requests as well. We would love to hear any of your ideas or suggestions on how we can help you make the day even more special. *NB. Balloons are deemed unsuitable for children under 36 months due to potential small parts which may pose a choking hazard.


workshop finalSometimes seeing isn’t enough and children want to take a more active part in things. That’s why we offer workshops on a number of different skills. Each includes a performance and hands on tuition so that the children leave able to perform what they have learned. We even provide everything the children need to learn on the day. We have workshops on:

  • Magic
  • Juggling
  • Face painting
  • Balloon Modelling

Workshops are ideal for building confidence, communication skills and teamwork. We also can provide individual Workshop materials for the children to keep and practice with on their road to becoming the next big circus entertainer. Workshops are ideal for schools, fun days and childrens clubs.